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Exactly! I get sent to the office, principal tells me he'll speak to my father, then sends me back to class. Me worried? Not a bit.

My father was in the AirForce doing a job that had him hopping from one SAC base to another like a frog on a hot plate. His advice if the warning klaxons ever cranked up was "Kiss it goodbye & enjoy the fireworks!" was exactly what he told the school when they called.

<Whingey beurocrat>But how can you SAY that? Don't you love your child?</whingey bastard>

My father said (and I loved this) "If you think sticking your head up your ass will protect you one bit then have fun inhaling shit, just don't try convincing my son that joining you will do any fucking good."

Strangely enough I didn't get any more crap from my school after that. Perhaps they figured this "bad apple" hadn't fallen far from the tree. Oh WOE is ME! XD Hahahaha...

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