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Ah! The Good Old Days. Those who remember "Protect and Survive" might also remember the graphic novel "Where the Wind Blows" by Raymond Briggs. There's a Wikipedia article about this but to give you some of the flavor it tells the story of an older couple who grew up in WW2 (remember, this ts the 80s) so were used to Government advice who used it to build their fallout shelter. They follow the advice in "Protect and Survive" and, well, they don't. They escape the direct effects of a nuclear attack but the fallout gets them. It takes a week or two.

Its quaint now but don't let your guard down -- the Cold Warriors and Strangeloves of this world are forever lurking waiting their chance to arm up (to quote the old song...."there's money to be made supplying the army's tools of trade"). You'll just be 'collateral damage' -- remember the real Civil Defence strategy back then had the government and assorted lackeys lurking under Box Hill with the rest of us bottled up in our cities -- "ducks, for the sitting of".

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