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It's blind assumption that anything coming up on the screen must be right.

Working at DEC you get a badge with your employee number, and I was to get a freshly-issued one when I transferred to a different department. The first thing I note is that the employee number is wrong; it has two digits transposed. However, the security bozo handing out those things was adamant it was the right number.

"Do you really think that the number ABCDEF that I've been assigned, and used for over the past six years is the wrong one, and the number ACBDEF that happens to be on your screen and on this freshly-made badge is correct?".

"It says ACBDEF on this list, so yes."

"Well, you can wipe your arse with that list because it is wrong. This <showing well-worn badge> is my badge, and that one <pointing at new one on desk> is not. Go poke HR to send out a new list, and let me know when you have a badge with the number ABCDEF for me to collect. In the meantime I'll be wearing this old one even though it's not for this department. Good morning."

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