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I remember our disaster drills back in the day of "Duck & Cover". I always laughed in derrision & just went along with it to humour the teachers. When asked why I wasn't taking this stuff more seriously I simply pointed out that we were less than a mile from a military base on the Strategic Air Command (SAC) "we'll be one of the first targets" list. We were less than 100 miles from the main SAC airbase that would get *multiple* missile strikes, & that there were enough strategic civilian & military targets of opportunity in the area. "When the dust settles & the survivors scuttle from the rubble, the cockroaches will feast on our corpses. This area will be a glowing crater for the next million years or so. ''Duck & Cover'' won't do a damned thing." They called me a rather cynical little brat. I told them to stop drinking the government KoolAid & thinking a few meters of dirt/stone over your head would do a damn thing to protect you from the number of nuclear tipped weapons sure to fall on us like so many fists of god.

And people wonder why I distrust my government? I may be physically blind but even I can "see" the problems inherent in what my government tries to make me believe. =-|

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