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Andy Non

Cocking up personal data

"... personal data, there's absolutely nothing I can do to stop other people who have legitimate access to it from cocking it up."

A recent trip to Boots opticians proved confusing and amusing. They confirmed my name, date of birth and address and the optician said he'd start my eye test based upon my last prescription. I couldn't even read the first big letter on the top of the chart! Considering I can almost read to the bottom without spectacles it was evident something was amiss. After some considerable time trying to tweak this badly out of focus prescription, it transpired that they had somehow merged my records with those of a random stranger. So back to square one and they needed to create a new record for both me and the other mystery person. They had to take more photos of my retina as the ones they'd taken twenty minutes earlier were held against the now defunct records. Methinks the Boots optician stabbing away at the computer keyboard with one finger should have gone to specsavers.

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