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I like Wine but it lacks some basic compatibilities even now.

A short time ago, I installed wine on a Devuan system. It gave me a ration of crap about being 64-bit only, and said something about installing the 32-bit version alongside. A zillion more dependencies later, I had both of them .

Then I tried to run a 32-bit application from within the 64-bit Wine thingy. *FAIL*

I re-ran as 32-bit [after some issues with path and the server thingy being 64-bit and still running, etc.] and could run the 32-bit application, but could NOT run a 64-bit application.

And there seemed to be NO way to actually have both 32-bit _AND_ 64-bit wine SIMULTANEOUSLY running. The server thingy was one or the other, and that was it.

OK maybe I did something wrong but 'out of the box' performance should have been easier to set up, then. The application ran, even installed itself into the Mate menu structure. I was moderately impressed.

(that application was one _I_ wrote, with XP and 7 compatibility)

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