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But of course. For one of the most disadvantaged and under-invested parts of the EU it received a large amount of EU grant, grudgingly matched or contributed to by central government. For example, the A30 would not have been made dual carriageway most of its route and lots of communities would not have Internet without the EU grants; The UK government wasn't going to invest in the area. Then there's the hatred of anyone from outside the country, despite holidaymakers (emmets) being a major contributory income in the county other than looking after old people and the support structures that this requires and agriculture. Seasonal farm work requires transitory workers, which are rarely local workers because many of them have left for full time work out of the county and would like to be paid more than near-nothing wages for often very poor conditions of work. As for the disgust about city folk buying up the property... the fact that the locals could have chosen to sell their properties to locals instead is entirely lost on them.

Nice place to visit though, but mostly shut off peak and crammed full at peak times.

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