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Canada has to pay for it's miliatry protection

Canada has to pay for it's military "protection" by the USA in many ways.

Often it's by giving political support for whatever international venture the USA thinks needs the appearance of a coalition, or by arresting those thinking that visiting Canada would be safer than visiting the USA.

But the USA also demands money, so Canada buys almost exclusively American military equipment, even if the equipment isn't suitable or Canada could design and build it's own. And Canada has to fund various projects including NASA projects.

Of all the forms of payments Canada makes our Space Program has the most public support and gives many Canadians pride and hope, regardless of naming conventions, so I think it's the best of all the choices.

Personally I would have called it Space Hook or The Justin Grabber or maybe The Hadfield Reach Around but the name doesn't really matter. Just being there reminds Canadians of their many space firsts.

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