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All countries are different and can be a pain in the ass when trying to do something even when following the law.

I had a gig where I needed to be in the UK. One day one of the gents in passport control, decided that I was 'stealing a UK citizen's job, when I was over there trying to train up a team of 8 people. So I get my passport stamped.

Ever since then, I have to explain what happened, why it happened and that I have no intention of using the NHS because I have my own health insurance or pay out of pocket for minor things.

And I was told by a bloke on a call where I had to pay to speak with him about this... that I was following the law that I didn't need a work visa because of US/UK agreements that were in place.

In terms of the article and the US... It could be a snafu due to the shutdown.

Or it could just be a typical bureaucrat drone just being a Fsck-Up. Maybe to make Trump look bad, even though he's very supportive of Israel.

Why not go as far as to blame it on the BDS movement? Which is more likely the case.

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