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It's also important to set expectations

You might reasonably expect that an old 8 bit micro would be suitable for the class of applications it ran at the time, but this fails to realise that the apps might have been closely tuned for the machine.

Adventure games, right, must be suitable for that? Not so. Just as DOOM and Quake were tuned for machines at the time, and Fortnite/whatever FPS are popular these days is a step forward, interactive fiction hasn't stood still.

Fire up ZXZVM (Z80 Z machine for CP/M, will run on your Speccy +3 in addition to a PCW), and it'll play a lightweight but fun modern IF Z machine (Infocom) game such as Conan Kills (2005). Try the more heavyweight Curses (from 1993) and it'll work but you'll be waiting thirty seconds for responses from the parser!

(Graham Nelson did develop it on an Archimedes, however, which is just a smidge faster than a Z80)

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