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Why appalled? The US system was designed to make sure the entire nation gets a say, not just the 6 largest population centers.

I think the correct person won the general election, or rather the correct person lost. The loser has been involved in US politics for decades, so should have known far better what is required to win an election than the winner. But, her whole thing on that election was that she was OWED the Presidency, so she didn't need to really do anything to win. And she didn't.

It's not like the rules were changed just this year, we've used this system for decades now. Trump wasn't my candidate in the primary, but the minute Clinton was given the Democratic primary, I and almost everyone I know made the decision to vote for whoever won the Republican primary. That includes both Republicans AND Democrats deciding to vote Republican, to avoid another Clinton in office. We didn't want that vile woman in particular. No more Bushes, no more Clintons.

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