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MORE demented rules.

Not allowed to set up a hotspot using the "Illegal!" channel

Not allowed to have an outdoor weather station

Not allowed to collect "Interesting" crystals, piezo igniters, fridge magnets

Not allowed to disassemble electric drill/laptop/etc batteries then store the remains in the outside bin

Not allowed to charge E-cigarettes or bare 18650s

Not allowed to build or recharge a mobile robot even if it is for "Security" purposes

Not allowed to have more than 3 laptops working or otherwise.

Not allowed to randomly scan things with my PDL or any other handheld device

Not allowed to watch "The Horror Channel" after 9pm or before 5am

Not allowed to run a laser etcher, 3D printer or lathe

Not allowed to have a dirty car. FFS is washing it once a month not good enough?!

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