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Well until Cameron started stuffing it with acolytes like a certain underwear Tycoon, who some allege is a failure.

I'm of the opinion the Lords should be appointed by an independent panel (fat chance of that happening though) and picking a range of some of the best minds in various areas to scrutinise what parliament is trying to ram through.

I.e. apart from legal scholars, you'd have various medical experts, Teachers, Trade negotiators, Engineers, Technology specialists etc. With the appointments being for 10 years and an ability to remove anyone pushing falsehoods / lobbying for vested interests.

Parliament also losing the right to override the upper chamber, so any daft ideas like this "Porn Block" would be stopped as "unworkable", "orwellian" and "infringing right to a private life" and "watch your children" along with "better pron than violence"

I have less of an issue with a kid watching porn than violent videos or even political videos particularly anything generated by the Tories or UKIP, the latter 2 being more likely to warp minds

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