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Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'

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Re: They are on their way to where I predicted nearly a decade ago

No it will cost far less because it won't need all the redundant life critical systems. For a kinetic kill drone with no stealth, a simple subsonic jet engine and one shot solid rocket booster up its ass, there are a lot of companies that can make them, not just the traditional defense contractors, so if Boeing tries to charge $10 million a copy they'll be undercut by someone else selling them for under half a million a pop.

Who cares if in a swarm of 1000 a couple dozen suffer some sort of failure in their budget jet engine and release their parachute (or self destruct, depending on whether they are behind enemy territory or not) and who cares if it takes 10 attempts to ram a manned fighter costing a couple hundred million before you score a hit. The manned fighters would be overwhelmed and forced to flee, the story would be even worse for manned bombers and helicopters. They could probably even take out cruise missiles, by simply getting in their way.

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