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- "You're still using the vendor provided CPE"

Which is a reasonable assumption for the majority of major broadband providers users. i.e. a single wifi router close to the front of the house to connect to the BT master socket or Virgin cable entry point. This setup will account for >>50% of the ~25m fixed broadband households in the UK.

- "Firstly, Non-WiFi Interference is only really an issue in 2.4GHz, and 5GHz band has more available channels and supports ac speeds, which is why the devices they tested with Prefer 5GHz."

There's no disputing the interference issue being predominantly a 2.4GHz issue. BT tested both 2.4GHz and 5GHz in their test house. Virgin were the ones that raised non-wifi/BT interference as a major issue with BT's claims and the ASA accepted the claims based on unspecified interference.

- "Secondly the major use of WiFi is not transfer between machines on the (W)LAN but to/from the internet. At which point the best IP throughput has to go to the virgin SH2AC , as everyone else is limited to the VDSL2 max of 80 Mbps unless you are lucky enough to be in a area."

To me, the test results BT provides indicate that they are testing what the client is able to receive. In most environments where there are 4 or more rooms, this will likely to be lower than 80Mbps. Almost all of the results BT's tests in room C/D fall below this threshold.

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