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RE. demented housing associations (tm)

List of stupid inane rules we have

Not allowed to charge a car battery, put a solar panel on the windscreen (WTF), repair my car, top up ANY tank including windscreen washer fluid.

Not allowed to put anything other than black bag rubbish in the outside bin(s) resulting in said bin bouncing around like a ping pong ball at 4am

Not allowed to park for 45 seconds to unload shopping in a visitor space WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING (FFS)

Not allowed to fix stuff unless a licensed electrician then safety tests it. This one I can understand but seriously...

Not allowed to run a clothes drier unless it is a condensing one costing 3.7* the price, also not allowed to put the hose out of the window.

Not allowed to leave the windows 3" open in the middle of summer

Not allowed to run Wifi hotspots (something something equipment interference something yadayada)

Not allowed to collect DVDs (WTF) or anything that is "creative" like art supplies

Not allowed to have battery powered multimeter, Geiger counter, LCR, grid dip oscillator, toolkit, amateur radio gear, etc.

Not allowed to charge electric bike batteries, lead acid OR lithium

Not allowed to have certain chemicals. Namely nail varnish remover, paint stripper, pretty much anything with "Nol" or "One" in the name.

Not allowed to have broadband

Not allowed to leech next door's broadband because of *8

Not allowed to hack satellite TV because the HA supplied NB sucks like a collapsed star and won't get Pick or half the other channels

Not allowed to buy a used OLED TV because apparently its too big!

Not allowed to complain because the sucky surveillance cameras wreck my Freeview and Wifi

Not allowed to complain about anything "non critical" like someone feeding large squawky things on purpose

Need I go on?

(the regulation tome is 3" thick!)

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