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Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'

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Interfacing R Us

"We need to get the nuke on board the Loyal Wingman asap boys."

"Is this machine able to take it Sir?"

"'Snap-in payloads' son, 'snap-in payloads' ..."

"But Sir, doesn't that rely on USB3? I may have an interface converter cable but here haven't been any official driver updates for Nukem-1 warheads since they were converted from IEEE 488 to USB-1 using those Chinese converter boxes and rubber bands."

"That's an order son ..."

"... It started to auto-update over the internet Sir but paused with a lilac alert. It wants to install some open-source AI drivers for North Korea's "Big-Nukey-Trump" Internet-of-Weapons device. There's a bit of text which presumably lists interesting things to see in the USofA like the White House, Trump Tower and Air Force One and a confirmation dialog - "Set Target for Hair - yes/no?""

"Simple translation error son, it obviously wants to know whether we want to "target from here". Press that button ..."

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