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Tried to disband the one I was President of. Here's the rub:

Builder gets some land wants to build houses. City says, "No Problem", You need reserve X space as water retention, and X feet of road frontage and greenbelts with X 2 gallon, X 5 gallon , X trees, blah, and you need to provide play areas. And when you have that, we will approve your plan.... Sounds reasonable right?

Then the city says, all that fun space that needs maintenance, . . . Well you see *we* (the city) don't want it, so it's your responsibility. Obviously the builder is not going to maintain all the lighting and landscaping, so ... They form an HOA and deed it all to the HOA. And then you have deadbeats that don't pay their dues, but you still have to pay the electric bills and the landscapers, and what you have is . . .

City infrastructure, the city doesn't have to pay maintenance for, and in fact TAXES, the residents for, that is managed by an organization with limited means to collect dues (Unlike city property taxes, which must be satisfied) and then you get some idiots elected to the board, and ....

I despise HOA's. I specifically moved from one into an area without one. I'm amazed you were able to get the city to take deed on the greenbelts and commons. I tried and was laughed at by the powers that be. What a joke.

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