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In the UK I'm disappointed that the 48% of the population I found myself a member of in 2016 had 0% of the major parties offering their preferred policies during the general election of 2017. Though that's a minor concern compared to my feelings about the negligible lightweight who was so certain of his political powers that he rushed the country into the events of 2016 without nary a moment's planning for what might happen if he wasn't god's gift to referenda. That was the time to be explicit about whether there'd be a second referendum should the government end up in the position of having to negotiate something concrete, I think.

In the US I'm still slightly aghast that the man who won 3 million fewer votes than his opponent gets to be in charge. As if the horrors of the US's primary system weren't bad enough: letting the hardcore fringe of each party pick the candidates is already fairly crazy, but then having the person who obtains a smaller share of the public vote assume power is outright bonkers.

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