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HOA's - a place for wannabe Nazis

HOA's afford a place for those born too late to have been a real Nazi concentration camp guard to at least pretend a bit. They are mostly run by small-minded, anal twits who feel they have the right to micromanage everyone else's life: what color curtains you can have in your house, exactly when you put the garbage cans out and when you must take them in, what sort of lights you can have, whether you dare open the hood on your car, etc., etc. with no end in sight of their petty crap.

Among many stories I could tell, I think the most amazing is what one friend told me. His hot water heater leaked and made a mess, so he took a mop and cleaned it up. It was 10:00 at night and he took the mop outside and leaned it against the fence in the little alcove behind his condo to dry. Five minutes later, the phone rang and yes, it was the HOA nazis telling him "Take that mop down!"

IMHO, we should gather up all these folk and send them to an island where they can make up silly rules for each other and spend all their time trying to fine each other. Thank $DEITY I have not had to live under their petty tyrannical rule.

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