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Would you be so kind as to take Merriam Webster? Look, after the definitions often are given examples of their use. Do you see?

Structuring paragraphs you create and add (to the definitions from the dictionary, for the words of the paragraph) examples of their use. That is, you create uniqueness, tuples for the words of the paragraph, and the more accurately expressed the idea in the paragraph the more accurate its tuples.

And then the word and its phrase can be easily found. For example in NIST TREC QA there were more than 6 million texts in which it was necessary to find one word/ phrase in its sense. It is obvious that without the structuring of paragraphs it's impossible!

According to NIST TREC the only system that can answer (Factoid and Definition questions) is considered to be the true AI, which gave me the right to claim that I created AI.

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