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The fundamental problem is that...

...Bias and prejudice are efficient.

See a snake? Kill it or run like heck. Who CARES that 80% of snakes are perfectly safe. Killing a safe one doesn't harm you. Cuddling a rattler does. Regarding all snakes - or indeed mushrooms - as poisonous saves you having to carry around a catalogue of the very few that are not.

Most [issues] are caused by [a few identifiable members of set x] is most easily encapsulated as

All members of [set x ] cause [issues]

What we are seeing in this is the prime example of 'its not fair' versus 'it doesn't work'

E.g. if you want to halt the spread of Islamic fundamentalism and radicalisation, ban the religion, beards. burkahs, niqabs, hajibs , imprison anyone who preaches it and shut down any mosque or website that carries any materials. etc.

Unfair, but effective,..

The human mind seeks to use pattern recognition to arrange the world into 'objects' that have 'generic properties' . So it can apply generically effective general rules without having to examine the particular.

There are those who are stupid enough to feel ashamed of their propensity to do this and project the negative aspects of this onto others.

Don't be one of them.

Wisdom comes from accepting and then making allowances for the fact that we are all prejudiced and biased, and if we were not we would have eaten the poisonous mushroom years ago.

Those who claim it is others who are bigoted, are usually the worst bigots themselves.

One thinks instantly of the jackboot mentality of self styled 'anti-fascist' organisations.

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