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I graduated in 2004 from an "old university" with a degree in applied computing, I like many of my contemporaries struggled badly to find work (cheers Tony Blair govt for opening the door to "intra company transfers" from India, outsourcing and listening to industry bleating about shortage of IT workers (translation we don't want to pay the UK going rate) as many companies taking on graduates in 2000 (when we started the course) stopped taking grads on post dotcom bubble and post outsource everything to India and "intracompany" transfer Inidian workers to the UK on Indian salaries. That was a great trick that one.

University at the time was utterly hopeless in terms of careers advice, even careers advice dept "we're not here to help you find a job" seemingly a lot better now, but in 2004 they were still under the impression that everyone came for the "experience" and that grad jobs were 10 a penny.

This being despite having a large industry board, my suggestion that they make an agreement with their industry board to shape the course to what the industry board were looking for in staff, skillsets they struggled to recruit - batted away - no no no thats not the done thing.

No wonder this country has horrific productivity issues, mismanagement runs rife even through universities and colleges, colleges is where failed management seemingly go off to, either to lecture (badly) or run depts into the ground by relentless cost cutting and course asset stripping

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