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You realize that "Made in America" doesn't actually mean what it says?

The one thing we can be fairly certain of about Hwahei's kit is where it was designed and manufactured. Its not that the company necessarily wants to design and make all its products in China, its just its rather difficult to outsource development and production from somewhere that's already a prime outsourcing destination. Assuming I want to buy kit that's made in America (or the UK, for that matter) where's the guarantee that it was designed and built in those countries? There's an excellent chance that no matter where the company was headquartered the design, coding, production and testing and validation will have been done at various locations, many of them offshore. The process isn't that much different from building any other complex product -- cars, for example.

Until our security experts, government ministers or any of their ilk understands exactly how the supply chain works I'm going to continue to regard their pronouncements as something between meaning blather and total BS.

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