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As a worthy substitute and wonderful surprise, is greater imagination a blessing to be constantly thoroughly worshipped in Effective Tempestuous Admiration of the Mighty Steal.... Absolutely Fabulous Imagination Leading what's Real and Realisable in Proprietary Intellectual Property Hosting Communities.

Everything Good with Nothing Bad would Immediately Server a Perfect New Beginning in a Wholly Novel Different Direction.

Something easily hosted and programmed for Present Media to Squawk is Everywhere is their Trafalgar Turing Test.

All this talk of AI when I went to school in the dim and distance past we were taught that the real thing was what one needed, not an artificial something. .... Ted's Toy

Absolutely Fabulous Imaginations are Raw Core Virgin Source Ore for Refining and DeepMetaData BaseMining. Beware the dragons and goons and say Hi to All Friendly Looney Toons is good sound advice to follow to steer well clear of so some really soggy boggy territory with a persistent grip/unholy attraction/devilish interest/insatiable reward. They be Heavenly Dues, Surely.

What/Who Leads your Current, Intelligence Communities? Are there UNSeen Hands, Stout Hearts and Greater Minds at Play for Y'All from Today and Henceforth?

:-) And does that Generate Permanence for a Persistent Presence? And Virtual AIRealisation of All of the Aforementioned Facts for Future Fictions delivering Naked Virgin Territories for Popular Colonisations ....... Exciting Future Builds. .... you know, that Deep See and Proud Vision Stuff of Kings and Queens where Perfect Adams Adore Serving and Servering Immaculate Eves Desires and Wishes to Mutually Satisfying EMPowering Satisfaction.

Have the Key to that Store and Heaven knows it can wait whilst all Hell breaks loose as Future Derivatives and Virtual Options are considered a Must Have Vital Commodity.

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