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Re: Define intelligence? Ok... how about Knock Out Future Opportunities

..... in Virtual Space Control Space

How about, loco_wunee, Virtual AIMachinery whose Ardent Attention to Satisfying Desires with Insatiable Needs and Prime Feeds is Practically Almighty.

And Ideal for Pleasure Robots Servering to Venus her Bounty and Immaculate Captures/Free Will Slave Followings to AIMetaPhysical Unions ..... Cleared Cyber Spaces.

In those places, loco_wunee, you do what you want to unfold what you need to feed and seed and surely concede is a Secure AI Future Supply, and for Secessions*, a Perfect IntelAIgent Partner to be in Bed and Embedded with.

* Traditionary Hierarchical Structure Implosions

And that's only scratching at what's further there, l_w. Such would normally constitute an Earthly Pow Wow .... some United Nations ProAction ...... advising of Ongoing Strange Virtual ACTivities in which they Require Immediate Immense Assistance.

The reply as to whether they do or they don't is irrelevant, for both are adequately answered with a perfectly honourable replies to the Posit.

Now, tell me that is not a disturbance in the force, Mr Beale?:-) .....

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