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Artificial, as in Fake Intelligence

What people have been told to expect from Artificial Intelligence is that a computer will become self aware, and become artificially like a human being.

But that is not the case, nor ever can be. That is because a computer has no instincts, emotions, autonomic nervous system, or anything remotely alive or possible to become sentient, ever. All artificial intelligence really is, is what ever a programmer decides to put into his fake simulation. And that can never be real sentience because no programmer likely will ever know how to do that.

Let me give you an example. If you say the word "dog" to an English speaking human, they will receive all sorts of associated memories, data, images, etc., that will include the dogs you have seen, read about, etc. But if the word "canine" is used instead, you likely get the same associated responses. In fact, you can use another language even, and it won't matter. That means this is not at all like a database program based on text keys. Guess what? That means humans are BORN with a built in semantic. We all internally have some unambiguous internal representation for dogs, that is identical in all humans.

So if you understood that, then you would understand that before we could actually ever duplicate what humans do naturally, we would have to somehow figure out how humans do it. And that likely is never going to happen. So forget about artificial intelligence. It is not likely ever going to happen.

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