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We can also recognise and appreciate the difference between a road that has a soft verge, a road that has a ditch next to it, and a road that has a sheer 200 foot drop next to it, and this will influence our decision on the best course of action to take in order to try to avoid a collision.

Some humans can, but I find that living in a mountainous region with twisty roads, vertiginous drops and deep ditches on the uphill sides results in loads of ruined tyres when you meet f**king tourists who freeze in the middle of the road and force you to reverse 200m round 2 blind corners until the oncoming driver thinks the road is wide enough to pass, instead of just moving to their own side of the road and letting you drive past. I'll admit some of the bridges are narrow enough that at least one car has to retract the wing mirrors, but that is no excuse for staying in the middle of the road to prevent normal passing. Even a car driven by an ML system could work out where the edge of the road is.

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