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What you see today and call AI is only its basis, which was originally intended for commercial use - how to find information. That is, it was based on the definition of NIST TREC definition: AI must answer both Factoid and Definition questions.

Google appeared on the earlier version of AI, which used the traditional n-gram parsing. The difference between this AI from which Google uses - in the new AI-parsing.

The new AI-parsing allows AI to structure texts into patterns, each of which is a direct analog of a programming language command, and which are contextually-subtext targeted. Then Machine Learning is the addition of new texts, if the old ones do not have the necessary patterns.

If you want AI to be "able to act, interact, and effect change in the world in line with those things" - AI can.

Now on Intelligence. It's into tuples, where in mathematics, a tuple is a finite ordered list of elements. In other words each pattern must be annotated/ explained because otherwise it cannot be found/ is not unique. Therefore our brain is biological computer which keeps sets of tuples, and AI does the same. Yes, there is no such thing as 'artificial intelligence' - just intelligence.

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