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AI is an approcah, not an outcome

The scary thing is that many politicians and opinion-formers really think that current machines are 'intelligent' enough for humanity to let them make decisions for us ... and the machines have no notion of that.

The best definition of intelligence I ever heard was from Prof Igor Aleksander (who had a face-recognition and speaking neural network at Brunel University in the UK in 1983). He said there is no such thing as 'artificial intelligence' - just intelligence. He felt that the problem with AI had / has been that its practitioners thought that it was something you programmed – of the style of:


and that this was always nonsense.

The Six Laws of Intelligence

Instead, Igor said (I am paraphrasing his deep discourse), you have intelligence when you:

1) are self-aware, and aware that you are self-aware;

2) able to sense the world and other beings and perceive that they are self-aware;

3) can appreciate that they have different motivations and views of the world to yourself;

4) can conceive of what their view(s) of the world may be;

5) can reason from those points of view and synthesise them with your own ...

6) and lastly be able to act, interact, and effect change in the world in line with those things - anticipating, adapting and changing over time - and so changing the nature of your intelligence in line with the real-world context.

The various kinds of simulations and emulations of ‘intelligent’ behaviour succeed as far as they do because of the human ability to anthropomorphise and attribute intelligence where it does not exist (think of Tamagotchi as a more extreme example). We even do it with objects in our homes (such as cuddly toys).

There is only Intelligence - AI is an approach not an outcome. This is because intelligence is really a social phenomenon (not an individual property) arising out of meaningful and reciprocal relationships over time – even the famous ‘Turing Test’ is set in a social context - and computers have no idea about that, and are nowhere near achieving it.

Don't get me started on Alexa, Siri etc ... "Alexa, review and edit this post for me." ...

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