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Decoding the President, because someone has to: Did Trump just blow up concerted US effort to ban Chinese 5G kit?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: New Blood Fresh Thinking Delivers Alternate Reality.

“Obviously, presently, whenever there be an intelligence deficit with competitors or allies plowing ahead for leading advantage in vital future utilities and facilities, is national treasure being squandered on payment to decrepit home systems/bankrupt assets/zombie concerns/ponzi schemes/manic markets.”

The regulatory authorities have the ultimate say in such amFM, and any company delving into such should exercise any/all due dilligence and expect to accept responsibility for any failings in filings, and any exponential learnings with leverage liabilities should be conducted with open honestly, as opposed to dire consequence deceit with a hope to garner advantage and destitution and despair for others, arms length guessing games, blaming all others as opposed to restitution and remedy.

A good example of such is the terrible suicide of the well known social media site, and as always is often only after the horse bolting do the alarm bells begin to toll.

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