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'Let's see

1) a company based in China that would be financially ruined if any government "influence" was found.

2) a company based in the USA with more security exploits than I can be bothered to count.

Which would you ban from "sensitive networks"?'

I do get the point, but it's irrelevant. Sure, the western democracies are infected by psychotically greedy companies of basically disgusting ethics like Facebook and Google, and there are plenty of others whose software actually gets worse and less secure as time goes on (Microsoft Windows), not even to count decaying dinosaurs like IBM and Oracle whose grotesquely overpriced and inefficient software is simply bad to have around ...

... but the fact that we have so stupidly surrounded ourselves with this shit is neither argument nor excuse for allowing a hostile foreign power to infect our critical systems and place us at a further disadvantage. China is objectively a bad government of bad people motivated to do bad things. It is growing in power and only a hopeless naif would imagine that it will not try to extend its malign influence to us if allowed to.

It simply cannot be allowed. The fact that Facebook and Google are self-inflicted diseases does not change that in the slightest.

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