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I'm not sure that's good enough. For self-driving cars, they should reach a safety level of an average driver before they're used, which they have done and exceeded in tests. That's why they are acceptable, though of course they need to verify that they'll pass those tests under more difficult conditions. However, even if we do get a system to perform judgements at the level of an average person (difficult to quantify for topics like bigotry), it can degrade the situation. If we can quantify negative events like this, we can also identify parts where their frequency is excessive, increasing the average. We can also find methods of reducing the likelihood of those events when things are more important, for example moving a trial of a person likely to face discrimination to a location with less connection. With an automatic tool, the parameters can't easily be changed without outright manipulating the result, and a great deal of oversight is needed to ensure that no unforeseen biases are impacting those who the model affects.

A uniform mediocrity is not always enough, and that's still assuming we can achieve that with these tools. I think the evidence shows that, sometimes, we fail even to reach that threshold.

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