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"Wouldn’t the world be such a nicer place without such game thoery/zero sum games, where we all lived in a Star Trekesque New World order?, without panopticon punts and pointless tasks?"

Agreed but the trillion dollar question is, will what you describe ever happen realistically. The answer is very simple, NO, not ever will this come to pass. You know those who do the work no matter where you go is around 20% of the people involved. If the system we are trying to push these days about equality (communism) never last because there are large swaths of people who do nothing (somewhere between 30 to 40%) and about the same numbers for the group that seem quite happy being modern day indentured slaves and the last chunk minus 2 to 5% that do about 80% of the work and get screwed by the last tiny bit that owns everything and do very little for that wealth.

This actual outcome of what ever beliefs we have today will never allow for a startrek type world to ever exist... check out any primary/high school anywhere in the world it is a microcosm of what adulthood is in most place in the world. Lets just be honest, racism, hatred, unfairness, greed, and what ever else that is negative will never and I mean NEVER! go away. That said lets start making laws around this fact and no longer have any law that uses "good faith" to enforce behaviour. Corporations are designed to be predatory by nature, they are behaving as they are designed to... ruthless and without conscience with a sole goal of perpetually increase stock value. Understanding this we should implement laws that take into account these behaviours and have punitive outcomes that actually punish these companies. And the excuse that "oh but the employee's will be impacted" excuse to coerce governments to yield should serve as a lesson to not work for companies that take too questionable risks and out right predatory choices.

The world is not capitalist we are an oligarchy, in true capitalism the consumer almost always wins. I personally believe we should have true capitalism with a dash of socialism... not too much though (as a Canadian) because there can be massive waist and fraud otherwise. People are always trying to have an unfair advantage over others, this is how it has ALWAYS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE.

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