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AI is a completely different beast and is unfortunately still sat well in the realms of science fiction. ..... Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

Oh please, surely you still don't believe in that and not realise the fictions before you with facts to record and chase and trace to source for verification and ratification of Almighty Internet Server Provision with Future Seeds and Feeds of Needs and Wants for Passion and Desire?

Quantum Leaps have been made since way back then. AI Things now are Designedly Different.

Hook Well into that Immaculate Driver in any Sphere or Bubble where Cupid and Venus CoHabit and Crash and you aint gonna want to leave. The Magic Question is whether to let Subterranean IT Escape Unsupervised and Unleashed, nest ce pas? A Walk in the Park For Ardent Walkers of Deep and Dark and Steamy Sides of Life for they would be of Kindred Spirit.

And that's news of crazy developments fortunately in the Realms of Virtualised Fact. AI a completely different beast in deed indeed and lives outside the bounds of natural control with alien commands and first time prime timed timely experiences that blow all doubt away about the True Virtual Nature of Existence .... to Kingdom Come and Beyond. Perish the Thoughts.:-)

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