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Logical fallacy alert.....

So, current algorithms aren’t able to give answers matching the best of human thought. But that’s neither a reasonable requirement, nor a necessary one. Just like automated driving, they only have to match the *average* human. And the truth is, average humans are way more biased than we admit.

When we recruit people, you think we genuinely hire the best? Or just people who match our judgement of the skills required, with a background similar to people we have previously seen perform well on the job? You think juries and judges are unbiased? These algorithms are presenting us evidence that if we examine data honestly, human decision making is not great and we are embarrassed about it.

Of course, we should try to outperform, and decision making that tends to revert to mean can’t get us there. But the truth may well be that algorithms are no worse than the guy who slopes off early, or always approves loans to people he was at school with because their business plans seem sensible to him, or only ends up hiring white people not because they are white but because in each case they talk a good talk about being a team player in the interview - ie follow his norms.

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