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Oh God no, half the problem with the field is renaming stuff when it becomes apparent it doesn't do all the bullshit the PR people said it would and then we can all start again with a different name (I'm looking at you "deep learning"). It was christened as AI back in the day, I don't see a reason to change it, main issue is too much focus from the press on the "I" and not enough on the "A", I doubt Gardener's Question Time has to field that many questions about the pollination of plastic chrysanthemums. Machine Learning on the other hand is supposed to be algorithms adapting results based on received data, it's part of AI but not all of it (some what ironically in many cases once we've trained an ML process to a required level it's adaptive process is locked and it stops learning.)

Back in the day I was told the difference between Expert Systems (ES) and Decision Support Systems (DSS), (remember them?) was that if you wanted to publish an academic paper on it it was an ES but if yo want to sell it it's a DSS.

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