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Whatever is involved in a battery replacement is irrelevant in this case. The point is that they couldn't give me a quote. If they knew what they were doing, and even if Apple made them supply free unicorns to Tim Cook's children every battery change, they should have been able to give me a quote, shouldn't they? Either:

- they didn't know how to do the battery replacement but were willing to have a go at it and charge me time booked (assuming they didn't knacker my Mac), or

- they knew it would be so expensive that I'd walk but if they could con me into leaving the Mac without knowing the price I'd have to pay it to get my Mac back, or

- the Apple website made a mistake and sent me to a service centre which was not authorized to do battery replacements but the bloke didn't tell me this and thought he could wing it somehow and get me to pay.

I can't think of any other reasons for them not telling me the price and any one of the reasons above was good enough for me to resolve never to go there again.

(I didn't downvote you).

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