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And, what kind of Games post 2010, could One actually play at anything nearing playable frames on a System built from only 150 Squids? I'm guessing it might prove a better Word Processor, and perhaps a slow-ish Photoshooper PC. But, I dubt you'd get Crysis to play on it, and well that was actually already 2007...

The only thing more freaking INSANE then Samsungs (#METOO), Apple-esq pricing on Phablets (Folding at home), or otherwise, are the proud prices that GPUs are commanding. And, that even assuming you could even manage to even find One, and that some scummy scammer, isnt hiding on the other end. or that the Card is just about on its way out, having done its due duty as a means to mine imaginary Money, that could then be sold on to fools with even more imaginary Money that has the blessing of the Goverment of the Day.

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