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Since the US heavily relies on the cooperation of other nation's spy agencies,

Ah, well, this is politics. So the Snowden debacle showed that the US was quite happily spying on it's allies.. But that's what intelligence services do. As Sir Humphrey would probably have said, "How are we meant to know they're our allies, unless we spy on them?".

But as Snowden also showed, the US needs to get it's own house in order. There was also an embarassing incident where a Pakistani IT consultant ended up as sysadmin for a lot of Democratic congresscritters. Which probably has the US PTB banging their heads against a wall because senior fedeal employees and contractors still seem to run a DIY approach to IT.

Rest is a best practice thing for any critical infrastructure, ie limit access, log the hell out of it and view any 288f bundles appearing in the back of core switches with a 'Please No Touch!' sticker with suspicion.

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