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Re: Run it through you you pi hole!

You don't need to spend anything if you have a server running. Just make a minimal CentOS virtual machine and install pi-hole in that. You can even run it as a virtual machine on a NAS like FreeNAS.

# curl -sSL | bash

It doesn't run in FreeBSD jails yet, and it doesn't play nice with SeLinux, but it works very well.

"Holy shit! What - why?! I snapped the one without Pi-hole at 17.4 mins after I got sick of waiting. 2,663 requests (one of which was to Report URI, thank you very much!) and 57.6MB. To read the freakin' news. (Incidentally, in this image more than the others you can clearly see requests to domains such as failing as the Pi-hole prevents them from resolving.)"

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