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The context of the article and comments was more in the vein of streaming, but actually owning copies is definitely the way to go, digital or otherwise. I have always been hesitant of streaming services, not even that they could just poof away your favorite tunes due to licensing or etc. issues, but they usually sound like hot ass rubbing on a piece of sandpaper, to me at least; ever since I bought my first entry-level studio-grade headphones and played some high quality stuff, I haven't been able to go back. I also can't find most of the artists I like on streaming services, either because they're too old or too underground, or sometimes both.

Unfortunately a lot of classical music is just too formulaic for my tastes; and not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just it's merely "alright" in terms of how formulaic it is, you know? Like the pop of classical. There are of course beautifully arranged and composed pieces that are truly inspiring that manage to take the formula to new levels, and there are songs that ditch the norm entirely and create something unique—those are my kinds of pieces from the period. Renditions and recordings also make a huge difference, eg. I like Mars, The Bringer of War by one specific US naval band, but I so far don't like any other renditions I've heard. I find the actual sheet music to not be too to my liking, but the naval band played their own arrangement that sounded a lot better to me.

I'm terrible with names and I don't have my library handy or else I would give some more specific examples. Well, I can at least give you one of my favorite jazz albums of all time. In many a case I prefer Japanese jazz to its American counterpart.

As an aside, a coworker attempted to show me a video where some kid was rapping unintelligably about weed, cars, and women. His stage name started with "Lil ..." and he had multicolored grills. He repeated some of the lyrics a lot, throughout the whole song. Can anyone tell me his name? (PS: this is facetious, but not satirical or in any way untrue; it just so happens that there are multiple possible answers to this question, even if I am only thinking of one in particular.) (No, I did not like the song.) (If it helps to identify it, a tiger appears in some later scenes and the rapper was clearly afraid of it. It was funny.)

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