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Unearthed emails could be smoking gun in epic GDPR battle: Google, adtech giants 'know they break Euro privacy law'

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Don't just vote me down, tell me why I'm wrong. I've never used Privacy Badger because I already block all third party content by default—meaning, Privacy Badger has no trackers to detect and is therefore mostly useless. I already have extensions and userscripts that remove link tracking too, which is a feature available for for some first party sites when using Privacy Badger. So I really don't see the benefit, and am legitimately curious why someone would prefer Privacy Badger over a more complete solution.

I only enable what is needed for website functionality if I trust the source, and I never enable third party cookies. I have WebGL disabled, have heavily restricted my fingerprinting sources (which is of course in and of itself a fingerprintable metric but I'm no state level actor so I think I'll be fine), use a VPN most of the time and all the time for untrusted sources, and have good browsing habits.

Allow me to reiterate in a way more obviously asking for advice: What else could Privacy Badger do for me that I don't already have?

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