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One thing to remember

You may think that we are the product that you sell to your advertiser customers, but the advertisers get the money from selling stuff to us, so actually, we are your customers, and your business model is selling all the bitcoin scams, fake illegal Sky streaming boxes and so on that are advertised here; and trying to sell subscriptions to heterosexual dating sites and baby/pregnancy related stuff to a lesbian.

If you actually exercised some editorial control over the ads appearing here to ensure they were relevant products for a tech site, and they were products from trustworthy companies that actually work and get delivered, people would trust that being advertised on here actually means something and they would be much more likely to buy it. Right now, even if I see an ad from a company I’ve heard of and know is legitimate, I don’t know if it is actually that company who placed the ad, because I just don’t trust any ads I see on here alongside all the obvious scams. And anyone looking for a datefriend isn’t going to start their search here. Leave that market to more relevant publications.

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