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As such I am really curious as to what the availability of this system is in the field given that are proposing only 3 satellites to cover the whole globe.

Galileo had two core jobs. One was sovereignty/independence from US GPS, the other was better positioning at higher latitudes, where the GPS orbits were not quite so well optimised.

One would have to conclude that a geostationary bird (which by its nature is equatorial) is not going to be able to augment the Public/unencrypted Galileo signal at higher latitudes as effectively as it would in say, Abuja (all of 9deg north). To get better coverage of (say) the Outer Hebrides, you'd have to look at some sort of exotic orbits in the style of India's Regional Nav System, which uses 7birds in very elliptical High Earth Orbits to cover India/Indian Ocean.

But that wouldn't enhance your signal globally (which would likely upset the RN, as well as Army/RAF forces in the Falklands, Diego, etc), just regionally - though I suppose the proposed three Geostat birds in addition to your super-duper Northern-Europe HEO birds would give you pretty good augmentation everywhere that matters.

The better solution of course is to just apply for PRS access the same as Norway. Seems like at least one person in the EU understands that European Defence and EU Defence are not the same, but are inter-dependent.

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