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"You could DYI some kit to do this without going thru Google or Amazon..."

But none of it is as easy to use for the end user. I've had a good look and nothing replaces the ease and simplicity of adding stuff to the Alexa setup we have at home. We can check all sorts of things now: has the morning carer left the shower and heater on? Have they left any lights on? What's the temp in the important rooms? All sorts.

That's only the bits for us - our relative can do many things she simply couldn't do before. She can turn on a light switch - but the switch on the wall doesn't to table lamps - she prefers these. Alexa does the table lamps. She can tell them to turn on. It's things like this that help you feel human.

When you are a carer, live upstairs and are heading to your 50s then going up and down stairs dozens of times a day is a drag.

Sometimes you want ease, cheapness and simplicity - Alexa gives us all 3. I couldn't care less if Amazon knows when I turn the lights on!

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