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There's a few StargateSG7's out there on "The 'Net" --- Trust Me on the fact that I'm ALL for the 2nd Amendment (A STAUNCH SUPPORTER since my young days!). I'm no Russkie-Pinko-Commie but I AM definitely a Reaganite, so that should tell ya something! I have no idea who Baldock or Herts are but I sure as heck ain't them!

And I can see that you don't live around here!

We say that "An Armed Society is a Polite Society!"

Home invaders of that ilk are armed with 38 Specials and the odd coke-dealer-bought Government 911 cuz real guns are expensive! The average home-boy ain't spending $2000 US on a 9mm or .44 with a laser sight! -- We Do! My multi-clip will have them down on the ground in less than a second cuz well-trained muscle memory takes over.

And of course we escalate! Don't bring a knife to a gun fight and don't bring a Saturday Night Special to a house with people who happens to like and LEGALLY BUY AND KEEP 12 Gauges, .44's, .308's, AR-15's and .50 CAL Brownings! Bad idea! Not to mention we ain't stupid! Folks around here got cameras on their houses and most have reinforced doors and windows. Some of my PREPPER FRIENDS got 4 inch thick ballistic polycarbonate "glass" as their windows and doors DESIGNED to take multiple hits from even .308 rifle rounds! LOTS of people around here take their ARMS and HOME SECURITY REAL SERIOUS!

Any home boys invading this neighborhood is gonna get not just small-fry 9mm rounds but .308's and the odd .50 CAL in their rumps! It's a VERY VERY BAD IDEA to play in a Pokemon Flash Mob or try to rob someone in an area of multiple blocks filled with ex-Marine Corps, Army, former and current Operators, hardcore preppers and plain old STAUNCH 2nd Amendment exercisers, none of whom particularly like or tolerate outsiders! DO remember the Local Sheriff and DA (District Attorney) is ON THE COMMUNITY'S SIDE -- And BETTER BE if they want to STAY elected or appointed to their office! Sooooo, some dumbA$$$ flash mob of Pokemon players bouncing around in private backyards will get caps popped in their A$$$'es with NOT A WORRY TO the local's conscience OR to their local legal status!


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