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What do you mean, "if"? I already can't trust my own brain, and I do it anyway, because stuff sometimes gets done well enough. My brain is an asshole-- he did something shitty using my body before I, before my SELF woke up from that coma and took over and resumed gathering long-term memories.

I know what you mean-- long ago I said that if you didn't create the system you're using, you implicitly trust the ones who did. So we do. We use this hardware and software and global network and social media giant, and we trust the ones who made them useful, or we can refuse, stop trusting. And I have! it's the reason I'm slowly ditching GMail. We can keep going, maybe even put up some walls, maybe even go Amish if it came to that. It sucks. But there are things that decent people keep making and I intend to keep using, too. So I signed up at who don't rely on any JavaScript, how do you like that? We ain't goin' Amish just yet ;) Lead by example, or follow someone who's going where you would if you were.

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