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Re: No problem - A lone madman shouting in the wilderness...

THERE'S ALWAYS ONE FREAK TO MAKE EVERYONE LOOK BAD. The foaming mad dog known as StargateSg7 is one of the noisy fringe. No matter what cause or issue, there's always a few. Thankfully, they substitute raving for actual action. You'll note he's not in prison for murder yet.

He's also dead wrong. Castle Doctrine and such have to do with defense against a serious threat to one's person. It most emphatically does NOT allow paranoid jerks to shoot people who wander into the yard. Signs posted or not, you first ask someone to leave. If they do not, call the cops and have them charged for trespassing.

But of course the noisy fringe freaks are seized on as representing of millions of people Not Like That who are shocked and horrified at his rantings. Propaganda always does.

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