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Same thing at a large RAF base in Cyprus in the 1960s. Major storm knocked out power for a couple of days. The telephone exchange had an enormous battery which should have provided power for at least 36 hours but died after about 30 minutes. It transpired that a sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals (who looked after all RAF telephones overseas) was responsible for ensuring that the electrolyte was topped up and regular voltage tests were carried out; he hadn't checked for ages and there was hardly any electrolyte in any of the cells.

After that same storm and flooding there was a signaller (private) in the Royal Corps of Signals who was using a canvas bucket to bail out a cable pit that was full of water. An officer in the Royal Corps of Signals drove up in his LandRover and asked the signaller how he was getting on. When the lad replied "Not very well, sir" he was told to put his back into it and bail more quickly. Shortly after that the SNCO from the Royal Corps of Signals arranged for an RAF fire engine to pump out the cable pit - a job that took about 4 hours because all the cable ducts were acting as drains and feeding into the cable pit.

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